We offer custom cabinetry options for your residential or commercial establishment

Are you the kind of person that likes their things done a particular way and get disappointed when results don’t match both your expectations and the level standards you desire? Then you’re in luck with us because we have you in mind! Custom cabinets are the most preferred options because they’re exactly what you and your home need, with no assumptions made.
Custom cabinets are exceptional when done correctly but absolutely pain staking and a eye sore when done poorly. So when your looking to improve the monetary value of your home or business let Icon Kitchen Cabinets deliver the best possible result to capture your expectations and provide you with the highest standards in the industry. We offer custom cabinet options for your residential or commercial establishment. We want you to enjoy an experience what true custom design and superior professional fabrication can bring to your life.


Welcome to our kitchen, where quality service is the least we offer

Icon Kitchen Cabinets is a Canadian company specializing in the design creation, and installation of kitchen & house cabinets & storage spaces. The pillars of our operation ares efficiency, quality, uniqueness, and professional. These pillars has allowed us to stand out in our industry. We're proud to be serving Canadians all over the country while maintaining an admirable working relationship; something enjoy doing and will continue for many years to come. We love what we do and its our passion that propelling us to the highest standards the industry has to offer for years on end.


With our well-rounded services which include the designing, creation, and installation of your cabinets, Icon Kitchen Cabinets offers a full-service guarantee for your home.


Our 15+ years of reputation precedes us as top designers and installers for home cabinets. We have, in the past years of our operation, been able to serve a variety of clients with several others promising to use our services again.


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